Young Minds Award

ISHS Young Minds Award

During each ISHS Symposium two Young Mind Awards for junior scientists will be given:

  • one award for the best oral presentation given by a junior scientist who is in the same time the presenter and first author of the submitted manuscript
  • one award for the best poster presented by a junior scientist who is first author of the work

A special committee, set up by the symposium convener and an ISHS representative, will be responsible for selecting the awardees. Junior scientists to be eligible for this award must be the lead and presenting author of the submission and should be enrolled in a university or college. He/she can be undergraduategraduate or postgraduate (limited to 6 months after finishing the program of study), and with an age limit of 35.

How to participate? Students, junior scientists interested in participating in the ISHS Young Minds Award should personally submit their abstract, using their own personal ISHS user accountTo indicate their interest in the ISHS Young Minds Award they should tick the appropriate box during the submission of their abstract in ROSA. By indicating his/her interest in the ISHS Young Mind Award the junior scientist confirms to meet the above-mentioned criteria for participation and agrees to accept the terms and conditions.

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